Disney World Resorts – EPCOT Area

Disney World resorts in the EPCOT area have just a short walk (5-minute)  into the park; through a back entrance, no less!  And this of course means far fewer crowds .  It's a nice touch for the people staying at these resorts!

So, what are the resorts in the Disney World EPCOT area?  They are the:

  • Beach Club
  • Yacht Club
  • Dolphin
  • Swan
  • Boardwalk

These resorts fall into the Deluxe category or Villa category (in other words, they are among the more expensive of the resorts).  On the other hand, they are worth it, if for nothing else than watching the nightly EPCOT fireworks from the docks, with almost as good a view as if you were in the park!

Here's a short slideshow of these resorts, then I'll talk more below.

OK, so what's with these Disney resort hotels?  Well interestingly, two of them (Swan and Dolphin) aren't really Disney hotels.  They are on Disney property, but they are managed outside of Disney World.  Still, they have the same level of service as do the other "real" Disney resorts.

I got to stay at the Yacht Club, and one thing for sure; I did plenty of walking -- it's big and spread out.  But it was extremely nice.  A very nautical feel about the place, like you really were a member of an exclusive yacht club.

A nice touch was a porch filled with rocking chairs, facing out towards the water -- heavenly after a day of walking around the parks!

The Beach Club is part and parcel of the Yacht Club, only it's more of a Disney Vacation Club resort.

Across the lagoon was the Boardwalk resort area, and boy did that have a lot of things to do!  Shops, restaurants and yes, even a dance hall!

On a walkway between the Yacht Club and Boardwalk were the Swan and Dolphin.  I only got a chance to go into the Swan, and I must say, it was lovely.  And our character dinner in the main restaurant was scrumptious!  Although poor Pluto knocked over a salad bowl...  :)

Since all these Disney World resorts are in the Deluxe or Villa category, they are not cheap.  But are they worth it?  Yes!  And if you stay there in the low ("value") season, the rates aren't that bad at all!

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